Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage is a landmark that must be treated with the utmost care and sensitivity and can cause anxiety. We understand this in Inner Space. We collaborate with couples in individual and joint sessions through pre-marital therapy to discuss their perceptions of themselves and each other and any existing conflicts.

In pre-marital counseling sessions, we focus on the following areas:

Understanding yourself better and your partner

Marrying someone with whom we have not spent time is also particularly anxiety-provoking. This anxiety is largely alleviated if the partners have met each other and been in a relationship. There may be facets of ourselves or our spouses that we have not discussed before in both situations, and that sometimes only emerge in a relationship as similar as a romantic one. In addition to daily therapy, psychometric tools are used in order to obtain an objective view of the personalities of both spouses.

Gaining insight into variations in personality

Marriage could make the partners’ strengths and weaknesses more apparent. We, therefore, strive to give the couple a full understanding of their personality-fit, where they are compatible, what circumstances might pose a challenge to them, and how to deal with such circumstances. Combined with improved communication skills and coping mechanisms, such awareness helps to avoid and reduce the severity of the conflict.

Construction of reasonable marital expectations

The joy of an imminent marriage also motivates us to see it through rose-tinted lenses. When our desires are not met, this just adds to anxiety. Increased anxiety, on the other hand, can contribute to a negative view of marriage. A rational evaluation of marriage with its share of added fulfilment as well as accountability is important in both cases and is therefore a key focus field.

Dealing with transformation

We help the couple convey how they feel about the sea-change that marriage brings about through pre-marital counselling. The pair are encouraged to cope with inevitable environmental and lifestyle changes.

Therefore, while the pre-marital therapy process leads to a better relationship between the couple, it also contributes to enhancing the resilience of both individuals.


In pre-marital counselling, what problems are discussed?


  • Matrimonial expectations
  • Expectations from members of the family
  • Past experiences/relationships that influence marriage-related decisions, if any,
  • Thoughts on financial security, sex, children, financial security,
  • Cultural or theological effect on the process of thinking
Pre-Marital Counselling

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