Marriage Counselling

When Your Marriage Needs Counseling

If there are issues with your marriage, do not wait too long to seek professional support. Marriage counselling (also known as therapy for couples) can be very successful, particularly if couples seek it out earlier rather than later.

Start by seeking a counsellor who specializes in marriage or counselling for couples. Dr. Vishal Ganar is the best Marriage Counsellor in Navi Mumbai, reach out to him he will be able to assist. It’s important that Dr. Vishal Ganar Psychotherapist and Marriage counsellor in Navi Mumbai makes both partners feel secure and all things will be planned and scheduled in a safe and secure environment.

Marriage Counselling in India

Do you need therapy for marriage?

Consider yourself, your girlfriend, and your marriage with these questions.

  • Were you married at an early age?
  • Haven’t you graduated from high school?
  • Are you in a lower class of income?
  • Are you married in an interfaith (intercaste) relationship?
  • Have your parents been divorced?
  • Do you contradict one another often?
  • In your marriage, is there a lot of defensiveness?
  • Do you appear to retreat from each other?
  • Do you feel disdain for each other and anger?
  • Believe you that your communication is poor?
  • In your marriage, is there infidelity, addiction, or abuse?

If you replied yes” to any of these questions, then you are at higher divorce risk statistically. It does not mean that it is unavoidable to divorce. But it may mean that to keep your relationship on track, you have to work even harder. With that job, a marriage counsellor will assist you.

Fights, disputes, various views on the same circumstances are part and parcel of every partnership. Our relationship & marriage counsellor in Navi Mumbai help couples transcend their differences and strive to improve their relationship and lead a happier married life and a better future.

There is less danger of divorce for couples who have reasonable expectations of each other and their marriage, interact well use dispute solving skills, and are comfortable with each other. At times of transition, they can also benefit from therapy or simply to improve their communication skills and strong ties.

When is marriage counselling needed for couples?

A marriage counsellor should be consulted by a couple in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, as a precautionary method to maintain peace and happiness in their relationship as well. If they face any of the following concerns, they may need marriage counselling:

  • Your partner and you are not talking to each other,
  • Don’t feel like you no longer love your partner.
  • In your relationship, you feel disrespected,
  • Suspiciousness
  • Recurrent battles/arguments
  • Verbal or physical mistreatment
  • Considering divorce/separation
  • Feel that in your relationship something is lacking
  • Your wife or you are cheating (extra-marital affair)
  • You and your wife have begun to lie or conceal information from each other.
  • No Sexual Bliss


What to expect from our Navi Mumbai Clinic’s Marriage Counseling service:

  • Detailed history session (individual session) for both partners
  • Includes both pair and individual sessions
  • Understand the targets
  • Why or why not: proceed with the relationship
  • Getting a view of yourself and your relationship by helicopter
  • Understanding and acting correctly on the main elements of problems

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