Difficulty in Studies

Whether to see a child therapist / counsellor to research issues

  • Usually parents may display concern about the child’s academic decline, as in school years it is of great importance.
  • Often as the teachers advise, parents can bring their kids for consultation.
  • Older learners may display concern and may consult with their own consent.

As the years of schooling are the cornerstone years of our educational life, it is best to seek consultation with a child therapist as quickly as possible. The delay in obtaining consultation/assistance from a child therapist can lead to a loss of valuable time. Moreover, it can adversely affect the result of therapy.

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Signs that your child is having trouble learning.

  • Parents may note a decrease in the academic performance of their child more often than not in comparison to their child’s peers or even in comparison with the past performance of the child.
  • Teachers may often warn parents about the decline in academia.
  • Some students may themselves be concerned with their deteriorating results. Especially in the higher grades, and may seek support or ask parents to seek appropriate advice for them.
  • Difficulties may range from a general decline in academic performance to difficulty in a particular field, such as reading, writing, math, or difficulty paying attention or following instructions provided in class.
  • Children also face social ostracism, being mocked by their peers, being discriminated against by their teachers. Moreover, they can be unfairly compared to their classmates by parents.
  • The child may then develop behavioral problems, secondary to academic problems, or may “act out in the form of violent actions, repeated struggles with peers, disobedience to authority, etc.
  • Sometimes because of constant comparisons and expectations they are unable to meet, children can develop low self-esteem.
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Key causes

Scholastic backwardness or cognitive disabilities may be attributed to multiple causes, It is including certain psychological conditions such as learning disorders (LDs), intellectual impairment, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), communication disorders, etc.

Some children may also have academic issues secondary to anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, disorders of bipolar mood. Moreover, children also have psychotic disorders that are considered to have an earlier than normal onset often.

What to expect during a consultation with a child psychiatrist from Bhumika Clinic;

When the child has reached the parents for consultation, our child psychiatrist will note a comprehensive history.

A child’s mental state test is important and helps assess our diagnosis. Therefore, testing is recommended more often than not. Moreover, this is done to provide a systematic approach to the patient and helps to prevent diagnostic uncertainty, which, due to new and changing diseases, is very common in paediatric cases.

Knowledge testing as well as personality trait testing can be included in the studies. So, therapy is personalized according to the condition or diagnosis. Treatment requires both drugs and psychotherapy, more often than not. Often, parental therapy may also be needed about parenting skills.

You will benefit from this if you –

    • There are behavioural problems or alterations that bother you and/or your kids.
    • You are concerned about the social ability, learning skills or other life abilities of the infant.
    • A crisis/bullying incident/special event has happened and it is difficult for the child to deal with it.
    • You are noticing such trends and want to know and help the boy.
    • Children go through something and it can be good for them to find it out or understand themselves better in a confidential setting.

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